Frequently asked questions

OnkyMote doesn't find my receiver

• Make sure your receiver is in the list of supported devices.
• If it is there, and still not working, please make sure the receiver and the computer is connected to the same network.
• If that doesn't help, check that you have enabled network control. Do this by going to Setup, Hardware Setup, Network, Control on your receiver and enable it.
• If all else fails, please see instructions for manual configuration below.

How do I change listening mode / control zones etc?

OnkyMote only aims to implement the most basic functionalities of the receiver. If you require more advanced functionality, please download for example oRemote or Onkyo Remote 2 from the iOS App Store for your iDevice, or OnkyTroller from Google Play for Android devices.

How do I manually configure the settings for my receiver?

In the OnkyMote menu, select "Manual configuration...". In the IP field, enter the IP address of your receiver. Fill out the port number (if you haven't changed port, just leave this field blank), and then select your model from the list. To find out the IP, go to Setup, Hardware, Network on your receiver. Restart OnkyMote and your receiver should now be detected.

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